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Jon Stewart On The False Promises of AI | The Daily Show
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4,170,043 Views • Apr 1, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Jon Stewart tackles the AI revolution and how its creators are promising a better future while building technology to make human workers obsolete. #DailyShow #JonStewart #AI

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Views : 4,170,043
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

I am 60 years old. When computers started, I was told the work week would be reduced to 4 days a week. Today, people I know must work more hours, not less.

14K |


2 weeks ago

If they said AI can now replace all CEO's of companies so that they can run better. It would be a different tune they would be singing.

8.7K |


13 days ago

It will give us more free time to think about things like "man I'm hungry" "remember when we used to live inside" "I wish I could go to the doctor, but I don't have insurance anymore". So much free time.

359 |


10 days ago

I don't need AI for creativity, I want it to clean my house, wash dishes, windows, put on a new roof & a screened-in porch 😊

16 |


2 weeks ago (edited)

I was laid off from an office job in 2006 and had three years of self-actualizating me time before I could find full-time work again. You'd be surprised at how little time I spent creating art and how much time I spent worried that I'd become homeless.

6K |


2 weeks ago (edited)

The problem with AI is not that it can do the work of employees for them
It's the fact the corporation thinks it can do the employees's work for them

6.9K |


12 days ago

Had an IT instructor (in 2000) tell us there will never be a need for a system drive larger than 8GB's. People know what they know, but they rarely see the future accurately.

152 |


12 days ago

SO GLAD to have you back, Jon!!!!

226 |


2 weeks ago

"Raise prices astronomically and also fire everyone" is an extremely sound business model and there's no way this can go wrong.

2.3K |


2 weeks ago

AI should first replace CEOs ... their job is pretty easily replaceable by a general talking head

2.9K |


2 weeks ago

The Daily Show - the modern-day jester of the people. Much needed in these times.

90 |


4 days ago

The World is a much better place when Jon Stewart is hosting the Daily Show. Jon IS the daily show.

4 |


2 weeks ago

Jon Stewart coming back to the daily show was the best thing to happen in 2024

1.9K |


2 weeks ago

Companies keep forgetting, if you keep replacing/reducing your workforce, there won't be enough people who can afford to buy your products. You can't keep upping your profit margins forever...

1.5K |


9 days ago

so refreshing to have Jon back

8 |


2 weeks ago

there was a segment on swedish news from the 70s that resurfaced a while back. On the report, a computer expert explained that in 40 years time, if computers were integrated into society and improved according to average estimates of development, they would help cut the work week to a single day while maintaining the current GDP. Sadly, the emancipatory intent of computers disappeared along the way.

14 |


2 weeks ago

I'm reminded of the Twilight Zone episode where the manager of a factory begins introducing automation to increase production and lower costs. It ends with the entire factory automated, the entire workforce laid off, and the people who once ran the factory are too impoverished to afford anything the factory produces.

786 |


2 weeks ago

The worst thing by now is that AI is replacing high-paid jobs rather than risky low-paid ones, so those CEOs' messages are clear: we only want cheap human slaves, not respected professionals.

1.8K |


12 days ago

He didn't get to discuss AI on Apple TV, glad he did on The Daily Show.

33 |


9 days ago

Jon channeled that inner George Carlin in there, that prompt engineer as "Vice President of Question Input" and janitors as the "Doctor of Mopping." Such great lines and delivery.

7 |

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