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NC State vs. Duke - Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights
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756,253 Views • Mar 31, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
NC State's historic 2024 NCAA tournament run continued as the Wolfpack knocked off rival Duke to survive and advance to the program's first Final Four since 1983. Watch the extended highlights from NC State's Elite Eight win here.

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3 months ago

If anybody have told me that this Wolfpack team would win 10 straight games to get to the final four, I would have been shocked. DJ Burns and DJ Horne both have been extremely aggressive and tough in the 2nd half. Monumental win for Coach Keatts and N.C. State

1.3K |


3 months ago

It’s hard not to like DJ Burns, even as a UNC fan. The dude is so entertaining to watch

1.4K |


3 months ago

Nc state fans gotta be feeling so good right now both their mens and womens teams made it to the final four

843 |


3 months ago

I love how both NC State's men and womens made it to the final 4 while being underestimated. They even scored the same amount of points in their games today.

478 |


3 months ago

You cannot hate DJ Burns. He’s a freaking bowling ball out there and just dominates in the paint. I’m rooting for NC State all the way! 🔥

231 |


3 months ago

Love the old school basketball. This is honestly so much more fun to watch than NBA!

276 |


3 months ago

DJ Burns Jr is him.

271 |


3 months ago

Jim Valvano is looking down on them from heaven, with a big smile on his face!

159 |


3 months ago

Hard to believe that NC State was down by 9 at one point in this game

211 |


3 months ago

Duke and Tennessee losing in the same today is a day filled with joy. Congratulations NCST

434 |


3 months ago

As a UNC fan all I can say is go get that chip.

219 |


3 months ago

Having a guy that plays like DJ Burns have a game like this with Bill Raftery's commentary is amazing fun.

60 |


3 months ago

DJ burns is a unit 😭 keeping the old school alive and i hate to say it but its more entertaining than chucking 3’s all game im now a fan 🔥

15 |


3 months ago

Its so good to see the OLD big man position being used as its suppose to with the big fella from NC State

23 |


3 months ago

The Cinderella Story continues for NC State Men's & NC State Women's teams making it to The 2024 Final Four. Go Wolf!!!!!

79 |


3 months ago

Run wild and free like it’s 1983, Wolfpack!

73 |


3 months ago

Phenomenal performance by NC state going to the Final Four. Great work attacking the paint and coming back

99 |


3 months ago

Dj Burns got Backdown Punisher & Drop Stepper on HOF 😂😂

14 |


3 months ago

I'm trying to make a post but DJ Burns won't let me.

42 |


3 months ago

If you aren't believing now you better start

160 |

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