forever fifteen ep - MARCH 19
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hello! i wanted to make a visual for this song so i asked a couple friends to film me in my apartment hallway and a neighborhood park on fourth of july (hence the fireworks!) i picked out an outfit from my closet and attempted to dance (flail my arms around) in public. i made this with zero budget and edited it myself. thanks for watching!

Shot by Mgxine & Ray.mp4
Edited & Colored by Mothica
Hair, Style, & Makeup by Mothica
Special thanks to Tyler Blanton



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McKenzie Ellis, known professionally as Mothica, is an American singer. She grew up in Oklahoma City and began producing music when she was 18 years old. Since 2015, she has produced a dozen albums and singles distributed across several online musical streaming platforms such as on Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandcamp along with numerous collaborations and features with other musicians known by "Nydge", "PUSHER", "Crywolf", and "Icarus Moth". In June 2020, a TikTok video she posted that included her song "VICES" went viral, providing greater notability as a musician and singer.

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Siren Silas

I have no idea how her music is not extremely famous like seriously it's amazing.. honestly sounds like soul music. For real this music is utterly beautiful in every way.-Cl

4 years ago - 53 Likes

Ray Wallace

Filming this was a dream. So glad I was a part of it Love ya girlllll πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

4 years ago - 50 Likes

M Beauford

Can someone please explain to me how shes not more popoular/famous/well known ??? she should be trending

4 years ago - 149 Likes


Gosh darn I can't keep myself from saying how freaking beautiful you are - just like your music.

4 years ago - 71 Likes

Andrew Mdub

This is an amazing song, I can't believe it only has 9K views. You need some exposure girl, seriously talented

3 years ago - 7 Likes

Brandy Jean Cassady

Hi Mothica!
I found you through your mother. She was my customer a year ago here in OKC. She gave me one 9f your cards. I still have it amd listen to all your music on my playlist in Spotify. Can't wait till everyone knows who you are!πŸ’

4 years ago - 37 Likes


The one who unlikes this video doesn't know how beautiful the art is .πŸ’–

3 years ago - 13 Likes

Ernest Patock

Here is another artist who I can say to, "what a gift it is to be alive in the unfolding of a glorious era of listening to your music."

4 years ago - 14 Likes


Holy crap, you even edited it yourself how can one single person have so many talents, like you design all your stuff, write your own music and create your music videos... What are you ?!

4 years ago - 19 Likes


been listening since the mythic EP. it's crazy how much better you keep getting.

4 years ago - 6 Likes

Miss Chloe ASMR


4 years ago - 14 Likes


This chorus just always makes me cry

4 years ago - 20 Likes

Yuriel Ferrari Fera.

Amei linda mΓΊsica.

1 month ago - 0 Likes

Amy Perez

This is very aesthetically pleasing and I can't believe this is self edited!

4 years ago - 8 Likes


I found you through a random look through on tiktok and I am so happy I did. Your voice is amazing.

2 years ago - 4 Likes


Didn't know I needed this or was waiting for this. Please let 2019 be your year. Hope to see you tour all over the globe someday.

4 years ago - 4 Likes


Great Job Mothica. Video and track are awesome! Arm flailing level 9000!

4 years ago - 5 Likes


Reminds me of me when I try to dance in the kitchen at 1am
Nice job!

4 years ago - 6 Likes

Shania Nicole

You are so great. You are such an inspiration to me ❀

1 year ago - 0 Likes

mamasita nena

My daughter discovered your beautiful voice... Im so in love with this song... All your songs are amazing.

1 year ago - 0 Likes