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EXTREME KITCHEN RENOVATION EP 6 | Custom Hood Design & Cabinetry Install
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247,403 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Every kitchen needs a stunning focal point so I’ve been sketching and brainstorming ideas for my dream hood design that mixes antique and new materials AND After months of meticulous planning and working on our custom cabinetry in the mill shop, we are finally ready for install day!

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❥ XO, MaCenna

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 days ago

I hope you guys enjoy this video and a special thanks to Milanote for sponsoring this video! Sign up for free and start your next creative project: milanote.com/xomacenna0524

277 |


4 days ago

Hahaha anyone else just constantly checking for this video? So excited!

804 |


4 days ago

What struck me Macenna, is how amazing your kitchen in Texas is, the amount of hard work, dedication, talent and god I don’t know how you physically managed it. When you see it takes two men in this video for your beautiful home now. I could not be more proud of you. I can see baby dropping a little, he’s starting to get ready. I hope the kitchen gets completed before his arrival, to take some stress away. Enjoy every minute of the creative process of the kitchen, before all the love you have will be used on baby. Wishing you the best 👩‍🍼🤰🏻xxxx

273 |


4 days ago

It's crazy. For YEARSSSSS I've had pictures of my dream kitchen on my moodboard: with brick floors, creamy taupe walls, and stained wood. I feel like I'm watching my own dreams come to life with every upload of this kitchen renovation.

248 |


4 days ago

I love your contractor! He can pull out that tape measure in a heart beat. Beautiful! Of course Kinsley has to supervise.

145 |


4 days ago

They had a crew. You did it alone!

109 |


3 days ago

💙 Congratulations Macenna and Romeo on the arrival of your baby boy 💙🥰 He is adorable!!

11 |


4 days ago

Why did I laugh so hard at Kinsley barging in as he’s working on the cabinet 😂

97 |


4 days ago

You should have Kinsley walk around the job site with an “inspector” t shirt on, she’s so curious!

150 |


4 days ago

Guess what? My kitchen is being installed today. I’m renovating a 1970s house because I’ve been inspired by you. It’s such an exciting phase. Love your progress.

55 |


4 days ago

Omg Kinsley wanting to supervise the install was so cute ❤ she is so precious!

68 |


4 days ago

They have never had a more experienced or discerning customer. It is your dream materialising!❤❤❤❤

103 |


2 days ago

Congratulations on baby Cade! Take some time off, Mama! You deserve it. I can't believe you still got the video out.

5 |


3 days ago

When I started watching this my first thought was I think she’s had the baby. Congratulations on your baby boy 🩵. We’ve all been waiting and are so happy for you both.

4 |


4 days ago

You might want to rethink keeping the spices in the box over/beside the stove. The heat from the stove can breakdown the spices. 🙂

91 |


1 day ago

Your project people are true craftsmen. They really listen and make your vision a reality. It’s beautiful-can’t wait to see it finished!

3 |


4 days ago

Looking at your tummy, baby isn't in a hurry to leave his comfy home just yet😊 Watching two strong men put cabinets in, that took you and Romeo to do on your own in your cottage, is mind blowing🤯

111 |


4 days ago

Hi, I just want to take a moment to shout the crew/ the workers / the contractor and the kitchen builder , it’s nice to see the work come together and them being so considerate of your original design . I helped my mom with a major renovation and I know first hand good tradesman and contractors are hard to come by . The progress is amazing ❤

17 |


4 days ago

Yay yay yay! Staying awake in South Africa to watch this one 😁😁😁 MaCenna, your baby boy is coming soooo sooonnn! I am soooooo excited for you!

58 |


2 days ago

Just wanna say congratulations on the safe and healthy delivery of your son! So happy and proud for you and Romeo! Excited to catch up on videos while you rest and enjoy! ❤

3 |

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