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EXPLAINING The Starter Pokemon Battle Royale from ‪@TerminalMontage‬! 💥
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1,374,456 Views • Nov 15, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
HELLO! TerminalMontage just released another Pokemon Battle Royale! And once again I helped by doing the research and writing. Now in THIS video, I'm going to explain some of the finer details, as well as why certain things happen, including why certain Pokemon fared so well and even won!

Watch (or re-watch, or re-re-watch) the Original! ➤    • Starter Pokemon Battle Royale 💥 Colla...  

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Additional Credits:
Writer/Host: Lockstin Austin Lockwood
Video Edtor: Fineapple Ryan Porter
Original Video Animation: ‪@TerminalMontage‬ and the team.

#pokemon #pokemonexplained #somethingseries

00:00 Oh yeah! New Battle Royale!
00:47 Why No Sylveon or Raichu?
01:21 Explaining Bits of the Battle!
09:05 Why the Fire Types?
14:14 Why Pikachu V Blaziken?

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

Bonus deleted scenes for the bottom of the description!
One joke I wrote but Jeremy (rightfully) cut was Eevee finding a Waterstone, looking at it with vehement disgust, and then moving on... if you know you know.
Serperior and Quaquaval originally had a much more intense... binding moment... it was reduced to under a second for your sake... I, I really don't know what was going on with me while writing this one...

You'll notice there's a semi-secret second Eevee at the end of the Eeveeloutions scene. Earlier drafts of this royale feature multiple copies of some of the starters, such as Partner Pikachu AND regular Pikachu from Yellow, or 2 different Rowlets for example, one for Sun and Moon, and one for Legends Arceus. The semi-secret second Eevee has a Katana, it's the Eevee from Conquest specifically, it was left as just a small visual gag/nod to that. Also at one point, I considered including the many starter Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution too, but ultimately that would add too many Pokemon that most people would just be confused by... So we left it to the main game's Starter Pokemon
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 months ago

HOOOO BOI! That last fight was INTENSE! Had a lot of fun working on this with you and loved the analysis and reasoning behind everything!

10K |


6 months ago

Im proud of my boy Swampert for holding out for so long

5.8K |


6 months ago

I figured the reason for Charizard picking Typhlosion for its opponent was because they have the same stats, so Charizard saw Typhlosion as an equal.

1.7K |


6 months ago

Question: how was Rillaboom able to survive the fire explosion to later take out Swampert, while clearly being on fire during the explosion?

1.1K |


5 months ago

Another factor in Pikachu's favour: The Light Ball item, which doubles Pikachu's attack and special attack!

417 |


6 months ago

I still think Piplup was robbed.

2.7K |


6 months ago

I guess "ground types being resistant to fire" is such a common misconception that even I forgot about it until it was pointed out in the comments (meaning Torterra would have still taken super effective damage from Typhlosion). It was still a fun video nonetheless.

331 |


5 months ago

As a swampert lover, i am proud of him for holding off the fire eemons

87 |


6 months ago

The "friendship" stat is indeed op

1.1K |


6 months ago

I'm proud of how far my man swampert made it, but it felt a bit rough that he got taken out by a pokemon who already kinda seemed like they were out of the running

1K |


6 months ago

The burn status, cutting their attack in half doesn’t really matter for most of the water type starter since most of them have special water type moves

229 |


6 months ago

I don't really see where Primarina's fairy typing hinders it, fairy is resisted by fire but not weak to it. Defensively, it would actually wall the fire/fighting mons while maintaining super effective water and neutral fairy moves on offense.

358 |


6 months ago

I think a fossil pokemon battle royale could be really interesting. You could have the original forms of the gen 8 fossils fighting and they keep swapping body parts on accident, and end up doing the spider man reference like the Typhlosians! I think this could be really cool, but that's just my opinion so let me know what you think, everyone! Also, did anyone else notice the hissuian balls at the start? Nice touch!

883 |


6 months ago

Honestly, it is such a good coincidence that both the Pokémon infernape fought in the original were BOTH given regional forms

692 |


6 months ago

The Grovyle time gear scene almost made me shed a tear

81 |


6 months ago

Realistically, Partner Eevee would dominate if allowed to use all of it's moves like anime Pokemon. It has access to dual screens, status cleanse, guaranteed paralyze and burn, stat reset, a 90bp drain and leech seed, none of its status moves can be taunted. Only Fairy can't be hit super effectively by it. It has the same friendship plot armor as Partner Pikachu. OH! And it has the ability to break 400 in every stat at the same time making it stronger than Arceus. Partner Eevee wasn't defeated by Muddy Water, it simply waits for a worthy challenger.

130 |


6 months ago

Fun fact: Blaziken was originally designed to be a legendary Pokémon of the third generations based on the official scrapped concept art. So the starter winning 1st place makes more sense.

917 |


6 months ago

I must randomly mention how incredibly underrated Pokémon Comquest is. I never see anyone talk about it but it’s one of my personal favorite Pokémon spin offs

1.5K |


6 months ago

I just wanna point out that ground doesn’t resist fire. Yes ground is super effective against fire but that’s where the relationship ends. Rock resists fire but ground is neutral to it so Torterra should have burned up by the explosion

103 |


6 months ago

I am incredibly sad that Empoleon was knocked out so quickly, but with Steel's weakness to Fire, I knew they weren't going to win. Empoleon is still the Starter Pokemon with the best typing (Water/Steel), but its good because of all the types Steel resists outside the Starter groups.

51 |

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