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1,598,070 Views • Feb 7, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 10 survival Minecraft series, Mumbo builds an industrial Minecraft slime farm! This fully automatic minecraft slime farm drops thousands of Minecraft slime per hour on the Hermitcraft Season 10 server. We also do some Hermitcraft demise with Grian, meet up with PearlescentMoon and catch up with Iskall on the Hermitcraft Survival Minecraft world.

INDUSTRIAL MINECRAFT SLIME FARM:    • Game Changing Slime Farm 1.18+  

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Views : 1,598,070
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 7, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

"anyways, ive just come back from the mines and gotten a diamond block!" I'm laughing so much right now

4.7K |


2 weeks ago

Grian: "How do you get in?"
Mumbo: "That's the neat part, you don't"

1.7K |


2 weeks ago

mumbo i LOVE these title cards, they’re very whimsical and have the same sort of feel as wes anderson films. adds a lot to these videos i think

1.8K |


2 weeks ago

"Ren, if you could PLEASE, at some point, do something that doesnt involve me having to shout at your incompetence" DAMN XD 5:10

608 |


2 weeks ago

If Ren was the Grim Reaper, we'd all be immortal 😂

337 |


2 weeks ago

“That says something about you, Mumbo. It says you’re very mid.”
“…oh!” 😂😂😂

400 |


2 weeks ago

I'm having flashbacks.

11K |


2 weeks ago

Mumbo just going "BROTHER!" when Grian falls into Ren's spawner hole... I've replayed that so many times, it's small but getting me.

210 |


2 weeks ago

"So anyway guy ive just got back from the mines and got a dimond block" HAD ME ROLLING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

256 |


2 weeks ago

Mumbo: hopefully I don't die

Tango's thumbnail: MUMBO TO THE MOON

133 |


2 weeks ago

18:44 this is the energy I've been missing since season 7! So glad that you guys are back to your shenanigans!! This is gunna be a hilarious season!

183 |


2 weeks ago

I love at 15:31 you can see a report of someone leaving a potato in a system. That made me laugh! I love the little details in the cards!

164 |


2 weeks ago

Rendog messing up the trap is absolutely hilarious

9.7K |


2 weeks ago

Iskall’s laugh after the fake “I got these diamonds from the cave” was just amazing, I’m just here to see everyone have a good time haha

20 |


2 weeks ago

"Chapter one: I yearn for the mines" OMG Mumbo. That's a gnarly reference and I adore it.

28 |


1 week ago

18:06 you pretending to “cut” footage and iskall’s laugh had me in tears 😂

20 |


2 weeks ago

Oh my god I really didn't expect the videos to be THIS funny lmao. I thought the new editing was not my type but now I love it!
The sudden sentence cuts, the chapters in edit are all so good.
The diamond block interaction and Iskall just losing it was AMAZING 🤣🤣

21 |


2 weeks ago

Whether or not I'm misremembering (because it's been so long since the start of a new season), I think that the beginning of this season has had the most entertaining social interactions out of the previous 3 seasons I've watched Hermitcraft for! From the fishing shenanigans, to the lack of hesitation that Mumbo has had to be absolutely ice cold, among many other moments scattered throughout the Hermits' first episodes, this one is unbelievably fun and is making me even more excited for how this season is shaping out.

52 |


2 weeks ago

Ren is like that one reoccurring villain that always has some sort of evil plot to get back at their enemy but consistently fails in a comedically stupid way.

2.9K |


2 weeks ago

The new “editing” with the pictures is so charming, I can't get over it. Such an adorable idea. Kind of hope you keep doing it 🙃

16 |

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