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testing stuff (that didn't make it to my main channel)
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1,190,000 Views • Feb 11, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Testing VIRAL Tiktok products, YouTuber brands, and MORE that didn't make it into main HopeScope channel videos! Everything from gowns, to art, to treats, to mini products!
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MORE fun stuff that didn't make it to my main channel:
   • I Bought PRODUCTS (stuff that didn't ...  

Main channel: @HopeScope
   / @hopescope  

Links to the stuff in the video!
Clear candle:
Mini mail:…
Mini Pour Bears kit:…
Jonny Cakes cartoon cake kit:…
Athena Drill:
Book Nook:

@HopeScope on INSTAGRAM for giveaways and stuff!

@HopeScope on Tiktok
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Views : 1,190,000
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Feb 11, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

Omg I absolutely love your little bears 😍 I’m so glad you had fun with them. Thank you for playing with the kit and support 😭❤️❤️. Big hugs!!

551 |


2 weeks ago

12:14 - as a fan of both yours and Johnny Cakes, I honestly think a collab with the two of you would be just adorable. Maybe a Hopescope Rainbow Sparkle Confetti cake?

161 |


1 week ago

the secret sleuth hand taking the plastic from the garden book nook out of frame right as you cut away cracked me up...

35 |


2 weeks ago

You should put the mini Amazon boxes in front of the door of the doll house

326 |


1 week ago

The gel candles have unlocked a core memory for me hahah YES!

13 |


2 weeks ago

Girl these underwater gel candles were in every bathroom in the 90's lol

140 |


2 weeks ago

I was just thinking with the mini mail how much Jackie would LOVE that and then you showed her art kit! 😍 love this!

273 |


1 week ago

I love that hope is never afraid to admit when she's wrong. She's one of my favorite youtubers. Love you hope! ❤

19 |


4 days ago

I love how you just barely kept seeing Anna’s hand creep in and to help Hope out or get garbage. What a great assistant!😊

2 |


1 week ago

Anyone else got SCARED shitless at 15:06 when Anna's hand showed up?!?!!! 😂😂😂
LMAO was not expecting that hahahahah!!!

6 |


2 weeks ago

Jackie has a whole series about the mini verse stuff. I think it’s awesome that you’ve featured a product from another YouTuber that I love. Sometimes YouTube can actually be so wholesome and I’m here for it. 💜🖤💜🖤

14 |


1 week ago

11:46 Hope that's my jewelry brand! Thank you so much for ordering & supporting my small business!! 😭💜

6 |


2 weeks ago

I love the mini mailbox with the mini brands. My kid would be ecstatic over something like that! That dress is gorgeous I absolutely love the fabric!! The cake is so cool I’m so glad you made it with us 🩷

20 |


2 weeks ago

Your cake turned out awesome!!

66 |


1 week ago

The Book Nook, absolutely love it, it's gorgeous. ❤

4 |


1 week ago

I love your Channels so much Hope! It always brightens my day to see that you’ve posted!! Keep up the amazing work ❤

4 |


2 weeks ago

ooh i'm so excited you featured an Athena drill!!! such a great philosophy, love it!

10 |


1 week ago

The cake is amazing!! Great job Hope! ❤ You also look adorable in that dress

4 |


2 weeks ago

If you put the top of the candle wax melter in the freezer for about 15 minutes, it’ll pop right out

100 |


2 weeks ago

Gosh, I literally swear hope looks so beautiful in that sleeping beauty dress! ❤💗

4 |

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