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Genre: Music
Upload date: Mar 30, 2021 ^^

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Kamari Weaver

oh my goodness she went from a girl in her apartment creating music by herself to becoming a huge LGBTQ icon and creating her first album :(( omg i will forever be inspired by her

1 year ago - 160 Likes

Kamari Weaver

Marie doesn't realize that she makes literally everyone's day better. We love you ❤️

1 year ago - 170 Likes


She's one of the most underrated artists today. She deserves more recognition. An ICON for LGBTQ+ community

9 months ago - 15 Likes

Matt Alexander

I keep wondering if I’m the only single straight guy here rn, all in my feels, going thru shit, in a hardcore g.i.r. phase. I know it sounds ridiculous and I truly mean no harm or offense in stating this but Marie’s music speaks to so many ppl on so many levels. If you’ve ever loved a girl, been loved by a girl, had intrusive thoughts, been OCD, dealt with or suffer from feelings of anxiety and depression, or seemingly depthless emotions and other similar mental health issues, you can easily relate to Marie in at least a few of her songs. When I listen to girl in red, I feel like my emotions are intrinsic because someone else is able to put such similar words together in beautiful art forms when I could never find the words to talk about it. Hearing and understanding the lyrics actually makes me feel singled out, understood, and then captured by an all inclusive net that Marie casts in her songs and that makes me feel and see worth in myself as I’m reeled in. When I listen to g.i.r., I feel almost like nooorrrmalll… kinda… Eh, maybe not, but def understood! Lol!

1 year ago - 70 Likes


To the random person watching this and reading the comments and found this. Have a great life and never give up :) Life gets tough but it will be better at some point <3

1 year ago - 260 Likes

Ale Urlá

♡ Girl in Red saved me with her music when I was afraid of who I am.♡
♡ I love her, she's a beautiful angel. ♡

1 year ago - 19 Likes

Halcyon Sikes

Girl in Red, Sigrid, Aurora, Billie Eilish, just to name a few, they have something in common apart from their hard work, creativity and talent. And that is support, acceptance and love from their parents. If you let your kid just be themselves and you water their interests and personality like a lovely flower, you will get amazing things like this. Don't ever make your child feel ashamed! Don't ever tell them that their passion is wrong. Don't make them feel weird and lost. Look what happens when you love your sprout and let it be a plant :) Now it nurtures the world!

5 months ago - 4 Likes

Steph Mukami

I loved her music and now her personality..seems very wholesome

1 year ago - 13 Likes

ranjana sahu

She'll so unique and precious, we have to save her at any cost. I've never seen such energetic, interesting person like marie

4 months ago - 4 Likes

Gabriela Ramos

I love her so much, i can’t wait to see her on tour ❤️

1 year ago - 21 Likes


i love this woman so much !!

1 year ago - 54 Likes

hello :)

Her songs are so relatable. Like girls and serotonin. And even the ones I don't relate to like we fell in love in October and I wanna be your girlfriend are so amazing. I love them

4 months ago - 1 Likes

Xian Vergara

we need that Serotonin acoustic version

1 year ago - 35 Likes

Mikki O

spotify you guys made life to be more sweet . dem ! your music collections is dope . cnt get tired of spotify . just discovered you guys

1 year ago - 7 Likes


I wish I had a friend like girl in red (marie) I would talk to her everyday for a long time.

1 year ago - 39 Likes


Marie is just so wholesome

1 year ago - 36 Likes

Kamari Weaver

if marie was my school teacher I'd never complain about anything ever again

1 year ago - 15 Likes

Lisa Medvene

I really just want to hug you. Like a really a special hug for so many awesome reasons. I love everything about you and every breakthrough you’ve made. Thank you. You bring such light to my daily life. Very cool. And crazy that I am 46 years old and still relate to all of this. ❤️ “i want to be crushed” amazing. Agree.

11 months ago - 4 Likes


Aubrey Joyce, incredible director! 🎥🎥

1 year ago - 12 Likes

gill owens

I love energy so talented singer.

4 months ago - 1 Likes