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A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Lucy Thomas - (Official Music Video)
2,274,849 Views • Dec 27, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Lucy Thomas - Procol Harum - Annie Lennox
From My New Album "Beyond" Available Here - www.lucythomasmusic.com/albums

A Whiter Shade of Pale was written and first recorded in 1967 by the band Procol Harum with the instrumental melody based on J.S.Bach's "Air on a G String". The song was a number one hit all over the world.

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Recording Engineer - Jamie Alsop
Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Stefano Galante
Producer - Chris Broom
Videographer - Chris Forshaw
Ballerina Video Footage - Pavel Danilyuk

#awhitershadeofpale #lucythomas #lucythomasmusic #procolharum
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Views : 2,274,849
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Dec 27, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 days ago


10 |


1 week ago

You give a 75 year old man chills

23 |


3 days ago

Wow! Whenever I hear Lucy sing I fantasize about owning a nice yacht and having her on board to perform a concert to delight my guests.

5 |


6 days ago

Beautiful rendition of this classics hit!

14 |


4 months ago

My wife and I discovered your music mid-2023, and it has been a blessing -- soothing, comforting. And what a treat when we see you and your sister together! This rendition of "A Whiter Shade of Pale" is stunning! Just can't get over how incredible your voice is. And we've bought your CD's for our long trips! God Bless!

417 |


4 months ago

In late 1969 I sat on a hillside with 3 very good friends drinking coffee and arguing about the meaning of this song.They were the best of us, all dead within a few months, far too young. Of course we figured out the meaning. We were young, almost brand new Marine officers. Wasn't anything we couldn't do. I still miss them. You sing so beautifully, Lucy. Thank you for the memory. You made me cry

351 |


3 weeks ago

I was a music major in HS, College and sang solos for 30 years. I am a perfectionist and love a beautiful voice. Every time I listen to your beautiful voice singing this song I cry. That’s the heart test…you’ve got it all! Thank you for all your sharing of your beautiful voice. I will keep looking for new songs you record.

31 |


4 months ago

Merry Christmas Lucy it’s Adam. I hope you and Martha and everybody had a wonderful Christmas 🎄 day. I hope it will continue to be very merry. Thank you for a very beautiful song I loved it. ❤. Your voice touches my soul as always.

36 |


4 months ago

I love to hear this song with your beautiful warm voice!! Very nice music video! ❤🎤🤩😇👏

54 |

1 month ago

Dear Lucy - I want to Thank You for sharing your wonderful music with us. I've lived in a Veterans Home for the past 22 years and I have lost far too many fellow Veterans over the years and now as I get closer to 80 years young your Music/Voice is a Blessing from God. Thank You Lucy. Stay Safe. Killian

74 |


1 month ago

This young lady should be receiving every award (Grammy, MTV, etc) and be recognized as a brilliant artist....

60 |


4 months ago

Lucy, you have made my Christmas, I am old enough to remember this song 1967 by PROCOL HARUM. Hearing you sing it, so absolutely lovely, tells me you can sing anything. And look good singing it.
Wishing Lucy, Martha and the rest of your family a good 2024. Love from Mike. ❤🌲

80 |


4 months ago

Beautiful song from a beautiful woman! Happy New Year, Lucy!

24 |


3 months ago


20 |


1 week ago

The most beautiful eyes and voice ever on this planet--spine timgling stuff

9 |


4 months ago

Lucy is simply stunning! ❤

20 |


4 months ago

So beautiful! Timeless piece. Happy New Year dear Lucy. 🎉

36 |


3 months ago

Verry strong and beatifull great Performance!!!!

14 |


2 months ago

Hi Lucy, greetings from Poland.
Gary Brooker 1967 and Lucy Thomas 2023.
Dear Lucy, You've breathed new life into this song for the next 56 years.
Your voice is captivating and beyond compare.

36 |


4 months ago

Great job Lucy, I have always said there really is nothing you can't sing, great job as always,

20 |

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