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Pale Waves - Noises (Official Video)
3,948,518 Views • Jul 20, 2018 • Click to toggle off description
Pale Waves - Noises
My Mind Makes Noises - Available now - dirtyhit.lnk.to/mymindmakesnoises
Available Now - dirtyhit.lnk.to/noises
Directed by Gareth Phillips

Dirty Hit 2018


#PaleWaves #Noises #Vevo
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Views : 3,948,518
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jul 20, 2018 ^^

Rating : 4.918 (1,192/56,621 LTDR)

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User score: 96.91- Overwhelmingly Positive

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 years ago

i think this is the most colour anyone’s ever seen heather in

2.4K |


5 years ago

blonde Heather got me feeling some kind of way

1.4K |


4 years ago

Heather in the yellow outfit can talk to my manager whenever she wants

650 |


4 years ago

finally some cheerful lovely pop with a weird, dark note. feels like home

659 |


5 years ago

Heather with the slicked back hair and tank top is making me feel some type of way tbh

1.3K |


2 years ago

I suffer from ADHD, BPD and Bipolar disorder and have never had a song touch me so hard. This is exactly the way I feel every single fucking day.

94 |


3 years ago

Can't believe I found this band so late

135 |


4 years ago

"I've had it"... That low note is so good

23 |


5 years ago

Pale Waves and the 1975 release song in same dayyyy😌✨ today is a blessing!!!

285 |


5 years ago

she can pull off any look man and still be a 10

689 |


4 months ago

I hope I get to see you all perform some day. I am autistic so I struggle with crowds in pits, but I'll try and face my fears. I love you Pale Waves ♥

2 |


4 years ago

Another great band discovered 2 years late. Youtube sucks.

1K |


5 years ago

This might just be the best Pale Waves track to date.

141 |


5 years ago

I'm bored of my face Does everyone feel this way? My mind won't stop The facial expressions are A CONCEPT. Thanks for giving us ART. ❤

1.3K |


4 years ago

This song is probably their most complete and best song.

50 |


5 years ago

I’m captivated by her eyes they’re amazing they draw me in so much plus the awesome music

94 |


5 years ago

Best Pale Waves song, first time she's sang something and I've genuinely felt the emotion. Love the others but this is more than just a bop

456 |


5 years ago


291 |


1 year ago

This is my favourite music video. The song, the lyrics, the concept and genius of the visual display and metaphors, and the way Heather portrayed the emotions.. 10/10 would cry again

50 |


3 years ago

The first time I watched this I burst into tears from relation. I have Bipolar, BPD, OCD, ASD, ADHD, Epilepsy where brain seizures can mess with my emotional states. C-PTSD and recent acute PTSD.. I’m grieving my 3 year old son and I am 28 years old. We were in a car wreck. I’m lucky I was a single parent and got every second with him. He’s going to be 4 on December 17th if anyone wants to just.. Say happy birthday to him.. Please, from somewhere. It would mean the world. Not on here, in your voice. I love and miss you every day Dean Lawrence. 😔❤️

194 |

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