Mothica - oh god (Official Music Video)
Premiered Mar 1, 2020 - 385K Views - By Mothica






forever fifteen ep - MARCH 19
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Directed by Mothica
Edited by Kyle Blaich
Cinematography by Jacob Lane Dugger
Lighting by Peter Garland
Styling Assistant by Drew Cockrell

Special thanks to Bianca Posey, Sleeping Lion, Kyle McCammon, Nicole & Zealyn.

I'm so nervous to share this because it's the first video I've directed! I had the idea to show the aftermath of a wild night out. I hope this feels as realistic to you as it did to me. Can't wait to share more music and visuals with you! As always, thank you for supporting me.

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oh god
what did I do
i’m out of control again
woke up
blacker then blue
probably lost a friend

my throat's so fucking dry from saying sorry
wake up a different person in the morning
forget every lesson daddy taught me
i never learn, I just make it worse

oh god
what have I done?
what did I say last night?
did I play the fool?
did I make you believe
I was having a good time?
cause i’ve been drinking all of my emotions
until i’m sick until i’m broken
oh god
what have I done?
what have I done?

oh no
should've stayed home
but it’s hard to be alone sometimes
dark thoughts
got me so low
i’d do anything to clear my mind


all the nights I missed
poison on my lips
all alone
i’m done
i’m done hiding it
i’m done fighting it
on my own