Poke is a free software youtube front-end, search engine, translator, map app and even more!!1!! Watch silly videos, search stuff on the internet and do all of that and more anonymously in this all-in-one privacy app!!!1! :3

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Why Choose Poke Lol?

No Tracking and Ads

Poke Has no Trackers or ads - we dont and we wont see the vids ur watching :3

Very Fast

Poke is really ligthweight (both on server and client :3) so you can still use it on poor connections :3


You wouldnt download a car - welp i would :D u can download videos from poke for 0$!

Web Search

u can search the interwebs for anything that u wan!! (ik wha ur gonna search :p)

DRM Free

Poke comes without digital restrictions management - poke is free software :3

Games Included

U can play funnie games on poke!

Join Us

join our community if you want to! :3

Free and libre

Poke is free and libre software! u can view, edit and redistribute under GNU GPL 3 or later :3

So, wha ru waiting 4?

Start Discovering! :3